Web Pages put your company in a position to tap new markets. They provide on line information for customers. The Internet is a cost effective communication system. With your own web site you can advertise and inform on a high technology platform.

A web presence can give your business the highest visibility nationally and internationally. We can help you get your own domain name and E-mail. Prinke Software Systems, Inc. presents an affordable solution to joining the growing number of business on the Internet.

Your web page can grow and change as your business changes. Our web design allows for the addition of forms, password-protected sites, ftp, database interaction, and e-mail. Graphic enhancements can include company logos, charts, animations, and a variety of banners, image maps, and streaming media . You can have on-line forms, data, and discussion groups private chat room, web based upload to private directories, ftp and  more.

We have a variety of web hosting solutions. Please contact us to discuss your web site details.


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