A Payroll program that is easy to use and provides accurate information for federal filings, labor cost by division or project, checks and report printing. Particularly suitable to manufactures, job shops, restaurants, and construction companies, and service industries.

Payroll Service is a custom application program written specifically to provide easy to use core functionality, enhanced with features designed for specific business types. Often times the core features are all that is needed. Samples of available business group specific features are tip calculation for restaurants, and multiple union deductions for construction companies. Furthermore, a second benefit of Payroll Service is the collection of data for presentation of quarterly and year-end federal reporting, as well as payroll period reporting and payments. Payroll Service was designed and tested in cooperation with several manufacturers, restaurants, construction companies, and service organizations, thus assuring real world features and functionality. Prinke Software Systems has over 10 years experience in payroll with a variety of companies. 


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