Management & Computing Consulting

Prinke Software Systems, Inc. supports all aspects of computing for small business. Total support of hardware and software provides you a single supplier, integrity, and connectivity.

We know hardware and recommend a cost-effective approach that gets results. Hardware and software are tuned to work together for optimum results. Our systems approach means more reliability for you. You don't need to know the computer industry as well as your own. Our conservative, cost effect handling of hardware provides a strong backbone for your company's computer hardware needs.

bulletNetwork Platforms

As your company grows Prinke Software Systems, Inc. can expand or update your network. We support:

Microsoft NT ™
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server™
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional™
Novell Network™
Microsoft Windows XP Professional™

bulletMachine Control

Prinke Software Systems, Inc. is experienced in computer control of machines, from medical devices to spring machines and CAD CAM.



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